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  • "Kkudoz iMlango for this project. It has made my pupils improve in Mathematics in their way of reasoning. KEEP IT UP IMLANGO"

    Mr Musembi, Teacher
    Mutulani Primary School

  • "We have started a new term, and the last term of the year. I, on behalf of the marerias and the teaching fraternity, wish to thank the iMlango project staff and partners for their tireless efforts to help us learn comfortably."

    Stephen Mokaya, Teacher
    Marere Primary School

  • "Congratulations on your good work"

    Samuel Thuo, Teacher

  • "I am glad to inform you that your support and efforts to improve the learning and teaching through e-learning has been fantastic. It has inspired me to have great passion to assist my fellow teachers integrate technology in teaching and learning. Good work - keep it up. Rural schools can now compete with urban school favourably."

    Steve Mokaya Osoro, Teacher
    UMarere Primary School

  • "I appreciate the good work by iMlango. Our pupils are ICT literate. God bless you."

    Martin Mbithi, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "Congratulations iMlango for your good work. We are now better placed."

    Judith Mwalili, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "Thanks iMlango. You have made our pupils digital."

    Ruth Wambua, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "iMlango bravo for the good work."

    Mary Wambua, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "This iMlango project is really an enticing and a promising educative innovation. Keep the embers burning."

    John Muindi Mutunga, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "Good effort from iMlango and the Kenyan government. This project has improved learning through the content in the portals. If this continues we WILL REACH vision 2030 before we get into that year. BRAVO."

    Angeline Mutua, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "I take this opportunity to thank iMlango for this superb project. Really, it has improved the rural life of our children. Things which were theory to them are now practical. Thank you in advance. If the content can go hand in hand with syllabus, then improvement in performance will be realised very soon as compared to schools without the project. BE BLESSED."

    Martin Mang'eli Ivita, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "We thank you iMlango for being in our school. You have improved our teaching and learning methodology"

    Faith Mutual, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "We appreciate your good work iMlango. You are building minds in a special way."

    Fredrick Muema, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "Thanks iMlango! We are enjoying the great work you are doing. Bravo"

    Faith Urbanus, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "iMlango has introduced young learners to the ICT world!"

    Harrison Kyalo Ndambuki, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "We are proud to be part of iMlango. Thank you for your support"

    Redempta Mulinge, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "Bravo iMlango!"

    Boniface Nzyoka, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "Thanks a lot for the programme it has really changed the life of many children."

    Michael M Mbugua

  • "We thank the company for supporting us in education"

    Kipkosgei Paul

  • "On behalf of our pupils I appreciate the work done by the iMlango initiative in our school."

    Nelson Kirui

  • "iMlango portal is fantastic This will transform the teaching and learning process in Kenyan schools."

    Stephen Mokaya Osoro

  • "The Chalani primary school hail the iMlango project and we feel very proud of you. Thank you for making ICT a reality in community. God bless you a lot."

    Samuel Y. Lusasi
    Chalani Primary Pchool

  • "iMlango is a great innovation for ICT interaction in schools. Tender minds are better learners of new info and adapt to change without reservation or resistance. My school children are excited about the recipe that iMlango has served them so far. To the teachers working with the iMlango programme; let's do all we can to make this great opportunity a reality for every Kenyan Child. We look forward to more content."

    Onesmus Kimeu, Teacher
    Utithini Primary School

  • "We are proud of iMlango. Analoqie Tumetoka"

    Sharon Ntheketha, Teacher
    Nziu Primary School

  • "Thank you to iMlango for providing computers to our school!"

    Emmanuel Magut, Teacher,
    St. Peters Kapkechui Primary School

  • "If it were not for the teachers' strike, learners would be enjoying more of this. All in all, this program is incredible. THUMPS UP!!!"

    Catherine M.Wambua,
    Ngukuni Primary School

  • “I am happy to be part of iMlango, and I hope the government of Kenya supports the iMlango project in supplying computers to all schools in Kenya because we have seen that they are able to bring the world closer to the Kenyan child, instead of them still dreaming of the laptop project. Gudos iMlango and God bless you"

    Kennedy Kipkoech,
    Ndabarnach Primary School

  • "Thank you very much to the sQuid and iMlango team for coming to train us on how to access teaching and learning materials from in the internet. On behalf of Limnyomoi Primary school community, we are grateful for your sacrifice to support us. Although we have only two laptops we shall maximise use of them to benefit the learners. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!"


  • "Thanks a lot in taking us close to our vision for 2030"

    Kennedy Kipkoech,
    Ndabarnach Primary School

  • "We greatly appreciate the iMlango project for making the entire Bandari community digital. This is the best learning resource for our children. Long live iMlango. May God bless all the iMlango partners."

    Felix Ngumbao
    Bandari Primary School

  • "Thank you the iMlango project. You have really made us feel proud."

    Duncan Kakan,
    St.Peter’s Kapkechui Primary School

  • "iMlango is such an interesting programme."

    Sylvia Makotsi,
    A.I.C Tiret Primary School

  • "The iMlango programme is useful in our schools because it makes learning interesting and enjoyable."

    Sammy Kemboi,
    A.I.C Tiret Primary School

  • "Happy to have ICT integrated in our school programme. Hope it will help to improve the performance of the learners. Thanks to the partners."

    Kerrrich Selinah,
    A.I.C Tiret Primary School



  • "The digital lab at our school has really assisted the learners of our school, college and university students from the community and also the church community. Thanks to our partners; iMlango, sQuid, Avanti and Camara for the wonderful job and support. THE SMALL SEED IS NOW GROWING BIGGER!!!!!!!!"

    Birech K Daniel,
    Kerotet Primary School teacher

  • "On behalf of Kalamba Primary school family I take this precious moment to thank all partners involved in introducing this programme. It has been of great help to both teachers and pupils. The pupils and teachers have access to free internet, the world has become a global village. The projectors have helped in enlarging maps and science experiments hence making learning enjoyable. More and more pupils are enrolling in our school. As a result of this, there is need for more equipment. Due to frequent power failures, we request for an alternative power supply. On the side parents have realised that they are really embracing the programme and wish that more subjects are incorporated in the iMlango portal."

    Theophilus K Kimotho,
    Kalamba Primary School


    Mutinda Nasimiyu,
    Kalamba Primary School

  • "What you are doing is wonderful for our Kids and teachers especially in Ganze. Bravo iMlango. Bamba Primary now can link up with the world"

    Joseph Muthuri Aron,
    Teacher, Bamba Primary School

  • "Thanks to iMlango. Very interesting!!!! If you are not here, you are lost"

    David Kemboi,
    Sosiyo Primary School

  • "God bless iMlango for a well done job. WOW!"

    Milkah Kariuki,
    Sosiyo Primary School

  • "I am very pleased with the enlightenment on the iMlango ICT project. I have learned a lot these two days. Long live our facilitators, long live iMlango. Thanks"

    Festus Kenga,
    Bamba Primary School

  • "We have really enjoyed the training. Now that we are digital, we can embrace all matters about iMlango. We will make the entire Bamba community iMlango compliant. God bless iMlango"

    Mazerah Charles,
    Bamba Primary School

  • "We are very happy for this programme of iMlango, it has really help to improve maths  in our school. Even the weak students have really liked it. This is a good program for the current pupils"

    Peter Kimani ,
    Teacher, Arenesences Primary School

  • "Thanks you people. Our children have enjoyed digital exercises so much and it has made things easier, like for me, I use class performance list when entering the lab and it has made them work more harder on class activities. Personally, appreciate your work so much. Thanks."

    Mercy J Kiprono,
    Primary School Teacher

  • "Cheers to iMlango fraternity, Avanti, sQuid, Camara and Whizz. May Almighty God bless you people for helping the Kenyan child. The project has great impact to the child, teacher and parent. Pupils have got a lot of digital exercises in mathematics and are exposed to the digital world where they learn a lot. Teachers’ work of taking roll calls have been eased. They are able also to research more information and content to deliver to the learners. Teaching methods has been also improved. Teachers are using projectors which are making learning interesting. Learning is becoming so real and motivating. Learners don't miss classes because they are enjoying learning. On the other hand parents are very happy to see their children using computers. At times parents visit the school to see their kids working with computers. The future of our pupils is now very bright. Thanks to iMlango."

    Nathan Kobaai,
    Head Teacher at Kumpa Holy Mothers Primary School"

  • "The training is so wonderful and interesting. It is a beneficial to the pupils. May it continue in future."

    Agnes Nduku

  • “Thanks to iMlango, you are doing a great job. iMlango has done wonders, more so in maths whizz...all the best....”

    Japheth Maingi,
    Ngukuni Primary School

  • “iMlango bravo! We are now digitalized. Thank you and may God bless you.”

    Faith Nduku,
    Ngukuni Primary School

  • “Salute iMlango for making students computer literate”

    Jaine Mulegwa ,
    Ngukuni Primary School

  • “This program is so cool!! Keep it up. God bless.”

    Catherine Wambua,
    Ngukuni Primary School

  • “The door is opened for all of us thanks”

    Silas Biwott,
    Anabtich Primary School

  • "Thanks iMlango for enlightening our learners, teachers and the community.....May God bless your open hand that has enabled us to use and learn more on the opportunities you've provided....BRAVO.."

    Leah J Tanui,
    SDA Segero Primary School

  • "iMlango has made teaching and learning more easier and enjoyable. Truancy has decreased"

    Nasieku Rahma,
    Arapmoi Primary School

  • “We are very keen to begin teaching our students online and see all students become computer literate"”

    Lilian Kimilu,
    Kiongwani Primary School

  • "We are proud to be associated with you guys. You have really taken us far and we are proud of that."

    Bonny Ndolo,
    Kiongwani Primary School

  • “The introduction of iMlango has come at the right time especially during this time of technology in the 21century.By integrating ICT in schools will help learning to be real and enjoyable reducing truancy in schools. Teachers will also get the opportunity to get more information from the internet thus giving pupils the content they need. The time spent on marking the register has been reduce by the use of the sQuid iMlango attendance card. BRAVO IMLANGO!”

    Monicah Robi Mokenye

  • “It is a great blessing to have this programme put in place to the primary school levels. This has given our pupils a golden opportunity to access technology at tender ages despite being in remote and marginalised parts. GOD BLESS YOU. ”

    Petronila Ngeta,
    Kawala Primary School

  • “The world is changing to digital. iMlango has done a lot to see that all students become digitalized. Working has being made easy. I appreciate our working of making teachers comply, the training at cemastea has improved our approach on ICT. IT IS GOOD.”

    Fredrick M Muia,
    Ngukuni Primary School

  • “The project suits the whole community. Thanks to the partners for your joined efforts in making the project a success. Appreciate your motivating seminars and trainings through iMlango. It’s my humble prayer that the project to succeed. Keep up good work.”

    Shadrack K Bundotich

  • “Thanks to iMlango for implementing ICT learning in schools. More gratitude goes to partners e.g sQuid, Camara, Avanti and Whizz Education. For sure this programme will take students to greater heights. Thanks to the all community. ”

    Elias K. Cheruiyot,
    Ziwa Primary School

  • “I really appreciate the very hard work the iMlango community is doing for the Kenyan teachers and kids by transforming them from analogue to digital era. I am also proud to be a member of the iMlango community. Thanks a lot for the great work and I personally am very much willing to give you full support.”

    Chahira Anne Nduta,
    Elang'ata-Wuas Primary School

  • “Thanks for the training … looking forward to working with you.”

    Silas Biwott,
    Ainabtich Primary School

  • “I am excited to be part of iMlango”

    Ambrose K. Tarus

  • “iMlango is the transformation way to achieving the vision 2030, bravo!”

    Julius M. Kisendi

  • “Wonderful training experience at CEMSTEA in Karen-Nairobi with the iMlango fraternity. Surely, with ICT, you can never miss your way in the 21st century.”

    Jefferson M. Lilya,
    Kuiambani D/B Primary School

  • “Together we are there”

    Jacob Ajon

  • “I have enjoyed the training and learnt a lot”

    Jennepher Sankale,
    Arap Moi Primary School

  • “Have had good experience, good work and keep it up”

    Stephen Mwova,
    Mbooni County Primary School

  • “Hi, your support and ICT integration in our school has made learning fun. Let’s keep the fire burning. ”

    Birech K. Daniel,
    Kerotet Primary School

  • “Am so grateful to be trained and introduced to better ways of teaching using ICT integration in teaching. God bless Kenya, God bless iMlango.”

    Samuel Musyimi,
    Kalulini Primary School

  • “iMlango is doing a very good work in the education sector . Our students are going to built positive approach in dealing with mathematics in our society. Good work iMlango”

    Fredrick M. Muia,
    Ngukuni Primary School

  • “I have had good experience - good work and keep it up.”

    Stephen Mwova,
    Mbooni County Primary School

  • “I’m proud to be associated with iMlango. I will make the project successful. ”

    Kisinga Crispus

  • “It has been fantastic.”

    Peter Obiero,
    K.M.Q Primary School

  • “It’s good to be part of you to see the project succeed and Kenyan children improve better to be able to face vision 2030.”

    Beatrice Jebet,
    Bwayi Primary School

  • “It has been fantastic.”

    Peter Obiero,
    K.M.Q Primary School

  • “It’s good to be part of you to see the project succeed and Kenyan children improve better to be able to face vision 2030.”

    Beatrice Jebet,
    Bwayi Primary School

  • “Thanks for training.”

    Monicah Cheptileh

  • “This is a project that has come at the right time .and for sure it will change the education standard. Am happy that am now part of this group pioneering to move this country to the digital world. ”

    Moses Njoroge,
    Nkaimurunya Primary School

  • “Hi guys, it’s so fantastic to be a member of iMlango.”

    Titus Kyalo Mutua,
    Kwa-Kiketi Primary School

  • “Congratulations for your good job you’re doing in transforming education in Kenya through ICT. I promise that I will do my best as a trainer to improve education in Kenya, through what I have learned.”

    Francisca Katue,
    Kyale primary school

  • “It is possible with 100 percentage positive attitude to bring the dreams of the least advantaged learners come true. Keep the spirit moving.”

    Patricia Wawira Ndwiga,
    Kibiko Primary School

  • “The iMlango are able to make revolution in education in Kenya by integrating with ICT. We as teachers support the programme to succeed it assists the teacher and it is fun. ”

    Sile Christine,
    Davies Primary School

  • “Let’s work together to make the project a success.”

    Joyce Mmulwa

  • “Thanks for the eye opener. ICT integration will help the pupils to move to next level.”

    Joyce Njeri Ngige,
    Ewuaso Oonkidongi Primary School

  • “Very excited, very educated - the experience will be of great benefit for the pupils.”

    Mike Busienei,
    RCEA Cheplelaibei Primary School

  • “Hi, it has being a wonderful programme to become computer literate. Thanks to iMlango consortium, so passionate on this. I’m assuring you that I will make it succeed.”

    Christine Tiony,
    Saramek Primary School

  • “The project is quite creative, innovative and educative. Bravo”

    Nzioki Charles,
    Kvuko mixed day and boarding Primary School

  • “Project is of great importance to the current generation because it enhances them to be compliant with the current technology”

    James M Maweu

  • “It was exciting learning about ICT with you people being a Maths teacher. I’m eagerly waiting for school to open. Keep up the good work.”

    Grace Muthoni

  • “The iMlango project in my school acts as an eye opener for learners, teachers and the community at large. It has made us exposed to technology which will make us interact to the international community. CHEERS iMlango!”

    Margaret S Toshi

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  • “The project is really worth it. Teachers have a lot of interest and I have noted pupils attendance has improved because they know the monitoring of the attendance is going on and even when the pupils are absent they make sure they are accompanied by their parents to give explanation of why they were absent. This was not happening before. It also eases manual way of doing things. Again monitoring is easier because I can get to know at a glance the attendance of the pupils. It has also minimized the time for data analysis and there is no faking of the data from the teachers.”

    Mr Kilonzo, Deputy Headteacher, Kiambani Primary School

  • “The electronic roll call programme has potential to give real time enrolment situation in the school—including daily attendance both mornings and afternoons. The attendance of using the iMlango cards and tablets for instance helped me a lot at a time when there was an announcement from Musyi FM that children had been kidnapped in Sultan Hamud. So all the parents came to the school to know if their children were present. We distributed the iMlango cards to all the pupils who were present to take the roll call and this easily helped us know the absentees. The parents observed the attendance monitoring and they were very happy about it.”

    Kennedy Kyeva, Headteacher,
    Sultan Hamud Primary School

  • “The project seems to be the best to make learners and teachers transform from analogue to digital era. Due to the introduction of cards, absenteeism is minimized and hence the child/teacher contact hours will be increased.”

    James Ndetei, Headteacher,
    Ngoto Primary School

  • “The project is of paramount importance to the school. The entire community as well as the individuals will benefit so much. We have interacted with the tablets and feel good operating them. Thanks so much for the offer.”

    Veronica, Deputy Headteacher,
    Mbeletu Primary School

  • “We really want to learn how to use computers. Am happy about the new taking the attendance.”

    Class 8 pupil,
    Mbeletu Primary School

  • “So far the project is doing well. There is consistency in attendance as pupils are enjoying it. The teachers are punctual especially morning and afternoon roll call attendance taking. Parents are eager to see whole project start. Generating it has been warmly welcome by all the school partners.”

    Rajab Mulinge, Headteacher,
    Kibwezi Township Primary School

  • “Children are motivated and excited on using the tablets for roll call. The teachers commend that the tablets are most effective and easier to take attendance with. I feel it is an exciting project and lessens office work. Am eager to see the whole project on board.”

    Justina Kimuya, Deputy Headteacher,
    Mutulani Primary School

  • “We like the iMlango attendance monitoring because it’s fast and has made us digital - we are no longer analogue.”

    7 Green pupil,
    Ngukuni Primary School

  • “We are happy because we have used it again and I enjoy swiping the card. I also know my username and my password for computer log in.”

    7 Green pupil,
    Ngukuni Primary School

  • “I am amazed at the scope of the iMlango programme. I look forward to the benefits it will bring the children of Ewuaso Kedong Primary School. Well done sQuid, Avanti, Camara & Whizz.”

    John Fortune,
    Catholic Mission Ewuaso Kedong

  • “For us, the class 8 pupils, it has been of help as we have been able to research questions - which we have been given in the exam - knowing that next time when we do another exam, we will answer the questions correctly.”

    Class 8 pupil,
    Ruai School

  • “iMlango brings huge opportunity to all our pupils, and enables us to give our children access to digital learning that until now has just not been possible.”

    Ann Muthii, Headteacher,
    Ruai School

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