A pioneering series of competitions delivered through internet-based technology

Learning to read and write is a fundamental right, but for many children in Kenya, literacy is not being developed to a high enough standard to equip them with the necessary skills to cope with the challenges that they will face throughout their lives.

iMlango Junior Debaters Contest: a new approach to literacy development

To help improve child literacy rates in schools, iMlango has teamed up with “The Great Debaters Contest” for a new series of competitions called the “iMlango Junior Debaters Contest”, which leverages children’s competitive spirit to develop their literacy skills using internet-based technology.

iMlango’s online learning platform delivers the debating motions and students submit their responses digitally. This encourages our young people to participate in the literacy challenge and helps them to develop debating, digital and other important transferrable skills.

Be part of this exciting programme

We need the support of organisations and members of the wider community for this pioneering initiative, and your sponsorship will help iMlango deliver improved learning outcomes for the nation’s children.

If you are interested in supporting the iMlango Junior Debaters Contest, please contact us by clicking the button below.

Competition 1

The story so far…






Student teams

67% - 98%

range of marks achieved by the top 100 teams

“Our pupils have taken this debate contest seriously. Their language skills shall never be the same again, because they will learn from one another and so doing will be an incremental improvement as far as English language is concerned.”

Teacher, Sambut Primary School, Uasin Gishu

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