The Unique iMlango Programme

iMlango is about improving education.

We believe that access to the internet and delivering smart digital education services and content helps to improve the education experience and outcomes for children.

The programme aims to deliver improved education outcomes to 150,000 children, in 205 schools, and delivers digital attendance monitoring, broadband internet access via satellite and a host of online learning resources to help teachers and students. We are aiming to bring the potential of digital learning and the digital economy to the communities around the schools too.

iMlango is delivered by a number of companies in Kenya and the United Kingdom – working in partnership with the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) - and is supported by the Kenyan Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

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In Kenya the programme is co-ordinated by sQuid from its operation centre in Nairobi


Education is a basic human right. But resources for schools are sometimes extremely limited. iMlango provides internet based resources to schools and communities to help improve the education experience, and to help communities access the digital economy. There is a lot to do to make this work, and you can find out more here about the programme.

Education enabled by technology

iMlango is more than just access to the internet.

Rural broadband connectivity

Reliable access to broadband is crucial when delivering e-learning programmes – but many schools in Kenya are located beyond the reach of terrestrial networks. iMlango uses Avanti’s satellite broadband network to deliver each school with access to resilient, high speed broadband connectivity via the HYLAS 2 satellite. This new connectivity enables pupils to access the programme’s dynamic internet learning platform at all times.

Interactive learning platform

The iMlango learning platform includes a personalised web portal that enables teachers and students to build digital literacy and access exciting learning tools. Learning content includes an online virtual Maths tutor delivered by Whizz Education, and additional content will be added over time.

Attendance monitoring

If students aren’t at school, education suffers. Further, in many situations, the school is the best route through which to manage feeding and its health programmes. iMlango uses sQuid’s unique smartcard technology to provide individual attendance records for students, and it's the passport to a student’s online digital journey. Attendance monitoring makes life easier for Teachers and helps focus on attendance problems.

Android tablet

sQuid’s technology includes a small Android device used in schools to record attendance. It’s linked to iMlango’s broadband service, but it can work independently too, just using a regular mobile data connection.

ICT equipment

iMlango delivers ICT equipment to improve digital literacy and provide access to the interactive learning platform. Supplied and installed by Camara Education, the equipment provides the first digital experience for pupils and teachers.

Teacher instruction

A key enabler of iMlango is teacher instruction. The technologies provided to schools require sensitisation, orientation and ongoing instructional support. This will ensure that teachers are fully empowered to effectively integrate iMlango into their daily practices, be it using individualised maths learning platform or the attendance monitoring systems. Instruction of Teachers is being provided by a select team of Kenyan “ICT Champion” Teachers, whom after undergoing a capacity development program developed and delivered by Camara Kenya, will train up to 3,000 teachers. Ongoing instruction support will be provided by sQuid’s team of dedicated Field Officers and Whizz Education’s Kenyan Customer Success team.

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Programme outcomes

iMlango is a new idea. A real-time communication platform for students, as well as an access point for the digital world.

Improving learning outcomes

Over 2015 and 2016 we will be carefully monitoring Learning Outcomes, and building new education support tools. With real-time data, we can provide fast feedback to education specialists and continuous improvement

Helping teachers

iMlango builds resources for teachers, delivering support for the curriculum, generating new ideas, and encouraging sharing amongst the teaching community.

Empowering communities

iMlango aims to help communities gain access to the digital economy.

Where are the iMlango schools located?

iMlango impacts 150,000 children in 205 schools across Kenya. The map below shows where the schools are located.

Mountain View

Real-time data

You can track some of the key iMlango statistics here.


Schools Connected





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