Attendance monitoring

Each iMlango school is issued with two sQuid Android tablets and every student is given a contactless attendance card. Taking attendance is both quick and easy for the teacher and student – when the teacher takes registration, each student comes to the front of the class to present their contactless card to the tablet. The tablet then records the card number, date and School ID which places the student at that school for that particular day – ensuring accurate attendance monitoring in remote settings.

The Android app

A crucial requirement for the iMlango programme is being able to demonstrate that pupils have attended school for the day, and to be able to report this in an efficient and digital way. In order to do this, sQuid developed an Android app from the ground up, with the sole purpose for it to record and monitor attendance without the constant need for an internet connection – so it can be deployed in rural areas. Once the teacher has taken attendance, the app automatically communicates with the sQuid database to upload the records for the day – this only occurs when there is an internet connection.

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Interactive learning platform

The secure learning platform has been developed for the iMlango programme by sQuid and is delivered on PC equipment provided by Camara Education. The platform allows pupils to create their own profile and enables them to choose their individual profile avatar, which has been localised to resonate with Kenyan children, to ensure that learning is interactive and fun.

Once the pupil has logged into iMlango, they are able to choose from a number of subjects including: English, maths and life skills. The maths module is delivered by digital education specialists, Whizz Education. The portal architecture allows for additional subjects and deeper content to be added over time, with the pupils’ progress is tracked as they complete different online tasks and tests. Upon completion of the tasks and tests, the pupil is then rewarded with a medal which is displayed on the homepage of the portal. Class and school attendance is tracked and reported on using advanced analytics, which is used by the teacher, school and programme sponsors.

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Rural broadband connectivity

Reliable access to broadband is crucial when delivering e-learning programmes – but many schools in Kenya are located beyond the reach of terrestrial networks. iMlango uses Avanti’s satellite broadband network to deliver each school with access to resilient, high speed broadband connectivity via the HYLAS 2 satellite. This new connectivity enables pupils to access the programme’s dynamic internet learning platform at all times.

ICT equipment

iMlango delivers ICT equipment to improve digital literacy and provide access to the interactive learning platform. Supplied and installed by Camara Education, the equipment provides the first digital experience for pupils and teachers. Camara Education leads on the delivery of training to ensure teachers can use the technology effectively in the classroom.

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How does it help?

“iMlango brings huge opportunity to all our pupils, and enables us to give our children access to digital learning that until now has just not been possible.”

Ann Muthii, Headteacher, Ruai School

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